Our Brother School - St Mary's Anglican Girls' School

Our Brother School

At Ӱֱ Anglican Girls’ School, we pride ourselves on fostering an environment that allows our students to pursue personal and academic excellence. We want our students to be courageous, compassionate and confident young women who will flourish in their career of choice and make a difference in the world.

We believe that Ӱֱ girls-only setting and girl-specific learning programs provide the best environment for our students to discover their best and that is reflected in the School’s long history of strong academic results.

While the advantages of an all-girls education are undeniable, we acknowledge that our students benefit greatly from working alongside and socialising with boys. To ensure that our girls experience a well-rounded educational experience, we work closely with our brother school, Hale School, to provide a wide range of opportunities for students from both schools to gather in fun and formal settings.

It is an approach that we call ‘the best of both worlds’.

Our Brother School

We have a long-standing brother-sister school relationship with Hale School and we are proud of the resulting collaborations and friendships for our day and boarding students.

The focus of both schools is to cater for our students’ academic needs while offering our girls and boys opportunities to socialise and work alongside one another via a mix of fun and formal activities. This begins in the early years and continues all the way to Year 12.

In the Junior School, our girls enjoy play dates, excursions and friendly competitions with the boys from Hale School.

In the Senior School, our students participate in a range of activities, including:

• Wellbeing workshops

• Chapel services

• Educational seminars

• Career expos

• Networking opportunities

• Debating

• Music rehearsals and performances

• Sporting events

• Social events

• Boarding dinners and activities

Learning how to respectfully socialise, interact, negotiate, discuss and compete with the opposite gender is an important aspect of a St Mary’s education.