Our Strategy - St Mary's Private School in Perth

Strategy and Planning


In 2021, we rejoiced in celebrating 100 years of girls discovering their best at Ӱֱ Anglican Girls School. Our Strategy: 2021-2025 outlines our vision for the future of our school as we embark on our next century of discovery.

Inspired by a renewed overarching purpose, ‘To Engage Hearts and Ignite Curious Minds’, Our Strategy: 2021-2025 is guided by five strands which have been carefully considered to foster a respectful, supportive and connected community where our students and staff can thrive in their pursuit of personal, academic and professional excellence.

We are working with our students, staff and members of St Mary’s wider community to implement the five strands and their corresponding priorities.

Our Strategy 2021-2025


Another component of our outlook for St Mary’s exciting future is our Masterplan 2019-2030, which is a blueprint for the evolution of our Ӱֱ campus.

We are committed to investing in the improvement of our school buildings and infrastructure so that our students can study in the very best surroundings, benefitting from inspirational facilities for all manner of activities, both inside and outside the classroom.

Masterplan 2019-2030