Discovering her best

At St Mary’s Anglican Girl’s School, we provide girls with opportunities to pursue personal and academic excellence in a respectful and supportive environment. We want our girls to be self-aware, adaptable learners who are immersed in the exploration of ideas and embrace challenges with grit and integrity. Simply put, we help our students discover their best.


Igniting curious minds

For over 100 years, St Mary鈥檚 Anglican Girl’s School has empowered girls to realize their academic potential. Our students have earned renown for excelling academically and achieving success beyond their school years. Our dedicated staff actively invest in each girl鈥檚 education, striving to engage their hearts and ignite their curious minds.

A teenager and child reading book on bench at St Mary's Anglican Girls School.

A happy girl is seated at a desk in her dorm room at St Mary's Anglican Girls School.


A home away from home

魅影直播 has been home to thousands of boarders over the past 85 years. Our boarding house is at the heart of our 魅影直播 campus, both in location and sentiment, and our staff pride themselves on understanding the needs of country girls. Parents can rest assured knowing that their daughter will have every opportunity to discover her best in a safe, supportive environment.


Joining St Mary鈥檚 Anglican Girl’s School

Enquire about our enrolment opportunities, book a tour, start your application process or learn more about everything that our wonderful school has to offer your daughter.

Three girls in school uniforms walking down a brick path at St Mary's Anglican Girls School.

Latest news

Students top state in Linguistics Olympiad

Congratulations to our students who performed strongly in the recent 2024 Australian Computational and Linguistics Olympiad this year. The competition comprises three rounds, where teams of up to four students

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