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Enrichment and Support

Academic Enrichment

Our Academic Centre for Enrichment (ACE) offers a Gifted and Talented program and an Academic Support program. Having a dedicated ACE team gives us the flexibility to provide differentiated learning programs to support our students. Specialist staff work with our Gifted and Talented and Academic Support students in the classroom and at our ACE Centre.

Our Gifted and Talented program is designed to inspire our academically gifted students so that they reach their potential. We cater to the unique needs of these students in a stimulating, relaxed and fun environment.

Our Academic Support program offers students the opportunity to learn at their own pace, with evidence-based methods best suited to their needs. Our specialist ACE teachers and a school psychologist case manage each student using an Individual Education Plan, which is carefully designed to help them achieve success in the classroom.

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St Mary’s is all about girls discovering their best. We want our students to be engrossed in the exploration of ideas, to be self-motivated and self-directed, to delight in trying something new and to contribute positively to the community.